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Rural's too can Code!

What can we do to grace the fate of over 20million rural children in Nigeria who lack access to technology education?

Get involved as we deploy our solutions to your community!

Through PK Hub (Prodigy Kids Innovation Hub), an education hub providing coding, robotics and animation programs for kids aged 4 to 18 years old. We provide Free Coding classes to children in Rural communities. We believe that every African Child is a Champion, let us together join hands to prepare them for the technology world we live in today.

Our programs is holistic. With our mobile facilities and trainers, we offer an extensive pack to these communities as well as training selected teachers for continuity purposes.

Our Programs Include:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Introduction to Coding using Scratch programming
  • Coding and games using Kudo game Lab
  • Robotics and Microbit tools
  • Animation and storytelling

Become a Volunteer

We need you at this time; whether a teacher, a developer, a preacher, an administrator, an expert of anykind. The children needs you.


We need your coding experience to create rural developers.


Teaching is a passionate experience. We need your valued methods to teach more rural children.


Volunteer to steer our program at your local community. We are always in need of an adminstrator for projetcts across Africa.


Rural children need inspiration. Your presence at a program could inspire a child to seek a better future.


Rurals code supported 30 children in Enugu to attend a free coding class at PK Hub in Enugu state. Fully sponsored by Rurals code, the program held on 27th November explored opportunities for school children in Enugu.